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Call to Artists! "For the Love of Mid-Century Modern"

September 23, 2017

A HEADS UP for First Friday - Feburary 2, 2018!
ONE MORE WEEK before entries are due!! Please bring your entry in on Friday Janurary 16 from 10am-6pm!

The Arts Consortium would like to invite members and POTENTIAL members to participate in our February 2018 “For the Love of Mid-Century Modern” First Friday show.
Entries will be accepted Friday 1/26/18 at the Consortium (300 E. Oak Ave.) from 10 AM – 6:00 PM.
1. Each work of art should convey the theme.�
2. We are taking in all media, painting, drawing, sculpture,furniture, couture etc..
3. Original work only, submitted by the artist or a friend of the artist.
4. We will be asking for a $5.00 entry fee from Arts Consortium members and $10.00 from non-members. If you want to become a member at take in we will waive the fee when you pay the $25.00 membership.�
5. If your piece sells we will take 20% commission of the selling price. The Consortium will handle all sales. It is the artist’s responsibility to price their work to reflect the 20%.
6. The artist is expected to carry their own insurance. All work shown is at the risk of the artist.�
7. Two dimensional work must be properly wired and ready to hang. Work not meeting this requirement will not be accepted into the show. No saw-tooth hangers please.�
8. All art work must be complete and dry before entry.�
9. Sold work must remain at the gallery until the end of the show. The person buying the work may pick up the piece with proof of payment.�
10. Sculptural works that need to be hung should be brought in with hardware sturdy enough to hang. We have peg-board walls and use hooks to hang. We cannot hang from the ceiling.�
11. Maximum dimensions for 2-dimensional art is 30 X 40 – vertically hung, this is including frame.�
12. Sculpture pieces, free standing can be no larger than 5ft. tall and 4ft. wide and must be on a study base that cannot be knocked over. No sharp edges or points easily broken.�
13. All work must be labeled with the artist’s name and current contact information, title and price.
14. This is a juried exhibit and entries will be accepted or rejected upon entry.
15. All work MUST BE PICKED UP on Friday February 23 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. We do not have room for storage and will be receiving art for the next show in the following week.
Friday January 26 - 10AM-6PM - Receiving submissions�
Friday February 2 - 5PM -8PM - Opening Reception�
Friday February 23 -10AM-6PM – Pick up art work�
The Arts Consortium will generate publicity for the exhibit, and will provide invitations to the reception that the artists can personalize and mail at their own expense.�
Questions can be directed to Joanie Constable, Operations Director – [email protected]

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