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Artist Opportunities

FREE! California Arts Council Grants Workshop: Visalia

December 08, 2017

Do you want to make a difference in your community? Do you want to build and grow a sustainable arts organization? Do you want to give back through culture and creative expression? The California Arts Council wants to help!

State arts funding saw a significant permanent increase this year. Greater investment equals greater opportunity to meet the demand for arts and cultural experiences across California. Don’t miss out on your chance to apply for state arts grants.

Representatives from local arts and culture nonprofit organizations are encouraged to join the California Arts Council in Visalia for a special workshop to learn about the many grant offerings that might be a good fit for your organization’s activities.

At this free workshop, California Arts Council programs staff will provide an overview of the Arts Council’s 15 unique grant programs, share insights into the state grant process, and train participants in best practices for composing successful California Arts Council grant applications.

Registration is encouraged! Sign up at

Learn more about the California Arts Council’s grant programs:

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Pizza Night Fundraiser

December 02, 2017

Stop by Me-n-Ed’s on Mooney Blvd December 5th with our flyer and Me-n-Ed’s will donate a “slice” of your purchase to the Arts Consortium!
Come hungry and share this event with all your friends and family!

Show this flyer on your phone or stop by the Arts Consortium anytime to pick up some flyers to give to your friends!

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Membership Show - Holiday Gift Show Under $100.00

November 01, 2017

Members’ Show & Sale
$100.00 or less
First Friday
December 1st
Dear Members, bring us your work you would like to sell!
We are asking you bring in anything under $100.00! You may bring up to 10 - 2D original works or prints 16 x 20 or smaller OR 5 larger pieces up to 30 X 40, all priced $100.00 or less. We welcome you to sell cards, mugs, pottery, wood work or smaller medium that you can display on tables or pedestals. Make sure you bring business cards or other means of promoting your work or a way for people to get in touch with you. The Arts Consortium will promote and feature the artists participating in our First Friday promotion. The show will run from 11/29-12/22/17.
Delivery of work will be Monday November 27 at the Consortium from 10:00AM - 6:00PM.
Please fill out the attached inventory sheet and bring with your work.
The Arts Consortium will be collecting 10% of all works sold. There is no entry fee for members. Pick up will be December 22nd 10am-6pm and we will have your check ready for any pieces you have sold…kind of a Holiday bonus!
Please let us know by the November 13th meeting if you are interested in participating. If we do not have enough members respond we will have to find another artist or show for December.

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Call to Artists! "For the Love of Mid-Century Modern"

September 23, 2017

A HEADS UP for First Friday - Feburary 2, 2018!
Do you love Mid-Century Furniture? Architecture? Paintings? Lifestyle? Music? We are giving you a chance to show us your best retro-vibe! Big-Eyed Children, Ulta-Modern Decor, Avocado Green, Turquoise, Brown color palettes, Paint by Number, Pebble Paintings, Robbie Robot…explore a few possibilities here -
We would love to see some Mid-Century Furniture makers show up for this show as well!
We are also encouraging participants to “dress the part”! Come to the show looking like you walked off the “Mad Men” set. Rock out in Rock-a-billy, Poodle Skirt or vamp it up as sex-pot Bette Paige!
We really want a great turn out so if you know anyone who loves Mid-Century too please let them know about this show!
More information coming soon!

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Visalia Community Arts Grant - Round 2

July 13, 2017


The Visalia Community Arts Grant Program - a program of the City in partnership with the Arts Consortium - was created to help facilitate the growth of cultural arts for Visalia arts organizations and residents. 

The Community Arts Grant Program focuses on developing new local cultural resources, and supporting programs and activities that reach diverse segments of the community.  The Community Grants Program identifies two types of grants for funding: Seed Grants and Community Support Grants.  Grant requests can range from $250 to $1,500 per grant year. 

Grant Types

Seed Grants

One-time only awards intended to help start new events or projects, or to expand or improve existing ones.  Seed grants focus on events or projects that do not have a high potential of being financially self-sufficient in its initial phase.  Funding awarded through this grant shall not exceed 50% of the event/project expense budget.  Evidence of matching funds will be required.  Projects in this category are not for the purpose of fundraising, therefore expense and income budgets should be equal. Funding in this category will not exceed $1,500.

Community Support Grants

For events or projects which occur on an annual or ongoing basis for the community-
at-large. This category is also not for the purpose of fundraising. Grants awarded will not exceed 50% of the event/project expense budget.  Evidence of matching funds will be required. Funding in this category will generally not exceed $500 but can go as high as $1,000 if funding is available.

Funding Priorities

The Visalia Community Arts Grant Program supports activities that represent and celebrate diverse traditions in music, dance, theater, literature and visual arts. Priority for both categories is given to programs that are innovative, unique, and promote community engagement. At least 50 percent of the total funding must be awarded to new projects that will expand and enhance the arts in Visalia. 

Examples of proposed Art/Cultural Heritage events or projects may include, but are not limited to:
• Performances: music, theatre, dance, storytelling, puppetry
• Exhibitions: painting, photographic, sculpture
• Concerts: dance, music
• Youth arts programs
• Arts instruction, workshops, and seminars
• Arts promotion / awareness campaigns
• Murals (public, Visalia location only)
• Public Art

Special Focus:
• Events/projects which expand audiences and awareness of the arts
• Events/projects which will have a high
impact on the community
• Arts events/projects which highlight/celebrate diverse cultures of our area.
• Arts programs for youth
• Events/projects which are not a duplication of existing programs

Below are examples of projects or project elements that will not be considered for funding:
• Purchase of equipment
• Capital improvement
• Facility repairs or maintenance
• Food or refreshments
• Religious events or programs
• Any program exclusive to members of any congregation, club, school, organization, business, etc.
• School-related events or projects
• Scholarships or admissions


• Both organizations and individuals may apply.
• All proposed events/projects must take place in Visalia and must be open to the general public or for a specific population of the general public (i.e. children, seniors, teachers, etc.) and specified in the grant application.

• All applicants must have matching funds. Verification of matching funds will be required.

• All applications must provide a non-profit tax identification number, business tax number, or social security number.

• The proposed event/project must be completed by January 31, 2018.

Review Criteria

• Who is leading the planning of the project/event
• Presenting a strong arts focus
• Overall quality and presentation of the
proposed event/project
• Evidence of community support and impact
• Thorough explanation of event/project
providing a well thought out plan for
implementation, marketing, and evaluation
• Verification of matching funds
• Experience and credibility of applicant
(individual or organization) as related to the proposed activity.

Application Information

Completed applications for the second round of 2017 grants will be accepted as long as funding is available, or Nov. 1, 2017, whichever comes first. Applications may be dropped off, emailed or mailed to:
: Community Arts Grant Program
c/o Arts Consortium
300 E. Oak
Visalia, CA 93291
[email protected]

Grant applicants will be notified after their application has been reviewed, generally two to three weeks after a completed application has been received. Grant recipients will be required to acknowledge the Arts Consortium and City of Visalia in all promotional and program materials, and to file a report after completion of the event/project. Grant recipients are asked to use the special AC City Grant Logo on materials. Please note that copies of receipts and contracts will be requested with final report and failure to provide adequate reports and documentation may hinder ability to quality to see funding in the next year.  Payment of grant awards will be split in two payments: 50% in advance of the event/project and 50% following the completion of the project and return of the final event report. Other payment plans may be implemented at the City’s discretion.

Application Question Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines carefully as you complete all information on the form on page 1. Only typed or computer generated applications will be accepted. Each numbered item below matches an item on the application form.  Please provide the information requested.

Type of grant requested: Indicate Seed Grant or Community Support Grant (See Grant Guidelines for description.)

1.  Proposed event/project: Describe the event or project for which the grant funds will be used. 

2.  Date(s) of proposed event/project: Indicate the start and end dates.  If there are different project activities on various dates, please list.  Example:  Start date - May 4, 2017, end date - May 25, 2017.  Workshop sessions on May 4, 11, 18 & 25, 2017.  Performance on May 25, 2017.

3.  Location of event/project: List the specific location(s) for all activities associated with the event/project.

4.  Projected attendance: Indicate the total anticipated attendance. Also, please describe who (children, adults, seniors, teachers, etc.) would be the primary audience/participants.  If multiple activities, provide a breakdown of each.
5.  Grant amount requested from the Community Arts Grant Program: List the total amount of funding you are requesting.  Please refer to the grant types.

6.  Describe purpose of the event/project: Why are you doing this event/project? How does it benefit the community? How does it relate to your organization’s mission or purpose?

7.  Provide your organization’s background & experience: How long have you been in existence?  What is your mission?  What are your organization’s past accomplishments?  Who are your board members?  What is your experience in presenting the proposed activities? (For individual artists, please submit your professional artistic accomplishments, education/training, and experience.)

8.  List the names of the key individuals organizers and/or performers of this event: Indicate who will conduct or implement the project and their relationship to your organization. (Staff, contracted artist, etc.)  Please be as complete in your description as possible.  What is their experience?  Who will handle the marketing & promotion?

9.  Describe the evidence of community support for this event/project: Examples of community support may include descriptions of volunteer involvement, financial support from other community sources or in-kind donations of services or materials. 

10.  Describe how you would promote and publicize this event/project: How will you let the community know this event/project is happening?  If you plan to reach special audiences how will that be done?

11.  Budget: Important:  Include an attached detailed expense & income breakdown to your summary form. Your budget should provide a detailed summary of how grant funding will be spent.

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