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Jane Ziegler--Born to Paint: No Option B

February 23, 2018

Arts Visalia, 214 E. Oak, Visalia, is showing Jane Ziegler’s “Born to Paint: No Option B.”
Jane is from Miramonte, California. She explores with drawing, pastels, and painting. Her inspiration is from the works of Henri Matisse. Jane explores what visual impact means through finding it in nature. The light, the color, and the composition connect with her senses before she identifies what is happening in nature. In looking for this impact, she is always hoping to stumble upon something of the every day that may already have made an impression on her by its very existence. Things in our personal space, the innocuous objects, also speak to her; the unappealing that transcends to beauty. She looks for the impact in things that might not offer impact initially, through its presentation. Jane is seeking to articulate the “aha” moment in her work.

The show runs February 2-23. Open Wednesdays-Saturdays 12-5:30. Call 559 739-0905 or visit for more information.

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